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  2. 2012. Photo series, digital photo

  3. Can we say, that we are independent persons, endowed with reason and free will? What if our actions are dictated by the infamous voice of the blood, or rather, of a chorus of voices of those people who, somehow, are present in us. And on a conscious level, we are often driven by striving to meet our parent's ideas about what we should be, their projections. Even denying this influence, accenting our autonomy, we live with it, give it our energy. I think that on a subconscious level these focuses much more. And, perhaps, something, that someone thinks his cute habit or original character trait, belongs to him only as the heir.

    I projecting images of my relatives on my body in an attempt to understand or at least to imagine the mechanism that repeatedly raises in me particles of these people, always in an altered, distorted shapes, when in the form of memories, when - misty thoughts or latent desires.