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© Maria Pokrovskaya

Built with Berta.me

  1. Agricultural Studies

  2. 2013. Photograph installation, digital print, 20 x 60 cm / 10 Prints, 20 x 43 cm / 2 Prints

  3. The impulse for creating this work came from observing the life of a village or rather of some of its “inhabitants”. Harrows, plows, threshers and other agricultural implements, which name and purpose are often impossible to determine due to their age, disassembled, rusted, overgrown with grass – they can be found in different parts of the countryside, merged into the environment, motionless.

    If you think about it human bodies just like machines have its efficiency, durability and other specific characteristics. The desire to relate our bodies to the mechanical devices emerged from this simple idea: not only machines are anthropomorphic, but also people are mechanistic.

    Performed with Svetlana Sergeeva, Alisa Beketova and Polina Kozlova. Udmurtia, 2013.